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Programme Overview


Young people are the leaders, innovators and change-makers of the future. Committed to promoting development opportunities for young people, MTR Corporation has been holding the 'Train' for Life's Journeys summer programme for secondary school students since 2009. Through a series of activities, the programme brings students on a unique learning journey to help them release their potential, inspire them to think about their future and encourage them to start life planning in order to create a bright future for themselves and the community.


The theme of this year's programme, "Achievement‧Inclusion‧Dream", is in line with MTR Corporation's three social and environmental objectives: (1) promoting social inclusion, (2) fostering advancement and opportunities, and (3) reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We hope to encourage students from different cultural backgrounds to participate in the activities and experience the benefits of diversity and inclusion through knowing about each other, exchange and collaboration during the learning journey. In the face of the "new normal", we are committed to equipping our next generation with the necessary skills to thrive in the ever-changing, uncertain and complicated world.


The activities will be conducted in Cantonese with bilingual materials in Chinese and English. Our staff will facilitate communication in English as needed.


Secondary 3-5 students during the 2021-22 school year


For any enquiries, please contact Methodist Centre:

9133 7521 / 9162 7507

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